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About the band

Tess and The Durbervilles are a slick and professional, fully self contained function band with quality PA, monitoring, stage lighting, and disco lighting. Available as a four piece, three piece or duo. Price includes a free disco. 


Lead vocals

Has been wowing audiences since she was 5 years old, performing and writing her own material! Through her teens she won many singing competitions and went on to form the funk rock band Recovery, gigging original material for 5 years.

She appeared at the Music For You Festival where she was interviewed on BBC 2 and O’Neill Snowboarding have featured 2 of her tracks on a promo DVD which was also screened on Sky. As well as a incredibly versatile range she has a beautiful voice to match her looks.


Drums, lead vocals

A graduate of Mountview Theatre School and a born entertainer, Tess has appeared in theatres and TV up and down the country, from the West End to TV dramas. And what a voice, she can encompass styles from soft jazz too lung bursting rock.

A fully rounded performer whose dancing and between song “banter” are only rivalled by her stunning vocals and looks.


Guitar, backing vocals

From acoustic ballads to funky wah solos, Jeff is passionate about performing, and there isn’t a style he’s not comfortable with (apart from high waistband trousers). His love affair with Telecasters is legendary around here (he’s got to get out more).


Bass guitar

Colin is the multi instrumentalist in the band (or mentalist for short) who can play all manner of instruments, but what a bass player! Solid, tight and very funky. Not a bad mover himself when the mood takes him. He has been playing in bands since he was this high, and boy does it show.

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