Tess & The Durbervilles

Frequently Asked Questions

How far will you travel?
We will travel anywhere within reason. We are based in Leighton Buzzard near Milton Keynes, so most of our work is in the home counties. However please feel free to contact us.

What do you wear on stage?
We can be formal or casual the choice is yours. We do have a few costume changes.

What do I need to supply and how much space do you need?
We only need 240V electric socket and 10f x 8ft area.

What sort of music do you play?
We play all styles, from the 50's to the hits of today, please review our Songs page.

How long will you play for?
3 x 45 minutes, 2 x 1hours or whatever timings suit your evenings.

What happens in your breaks?
We can run a disco between sets or play some background music. your choice or ours.

How much do you charge?
You will find our prices very reasonable. Starting at £450. This will depend on day of the week and how far we have to travel.

What time do you arrive for a gig?
We always arrive early. Our setting up and packing down time is usually 1 hour.

Do you have any insurance?
Yes we have full public liability insurance.

How loud will you be?
We can be loud or as quiet as you want us to be.

Can we use your microphones for speeches?

Do you send out any publicity?
Yes if it is a public gig we will contact the local press and send the venue posters and flyers.

Does the band need feeding?
Not essential but always welcome.

We are on a budget, do you do Duo gigs?
Yes Tess and Jeff do the occasional Duo gig.

Who are your former clients?
Waldorf Hotel London. Whipsnade Zoo, Cambridge Freemasons, Bupa, Cambridge University, with many pubs, clubs and societies. However weddings are our speciality.

Can we see you live before we book you?
Please try to come to one of our public gigs. However if you don't get the chance to see us live we have many testimonials from happy customers.

How do we go about booking you?
Please feel free to ring or email to check the date is still available. We then require a 10% deposit to secure the booking, with the balance being paid on the evening. Cheques made payable to T. Roberts.